Prompt, Skillful maintenance of Surgical Microscopes
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Welcome to Tikom TSG
Tikom tsg was founded to provide hospitals, surgery centers, clinics & private office sites with a comprehensive surgical microscope preventive maintenance / emergency service program. Tikom provides an unparalleled method of operation, from the ease of first contact to the on-site completion of maintenance.

When a surgical microscope system fails, the customer can expect the ability to contact Tikom tsg and schedule a same day or next day site visit. Service calls for microscope repair are usually answered immediately or within minutes of the notification of a service request.

Tikom tsg understands the urgency of the customer's needs for a properly operating surgical microscope system. Tikom tsg has been servicing state of the art optical/electronic/mechanical systems for over twenty-seven years, twenty-two years which were spent providing on-site support to hospitals & surgery centers in the United States. Tikom tsg services the entire surgical platform to ensure optimal performance of the system.
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Surgical Microscope Repair

A wide variety of services are available to meet the doctor's needs and expectations:
  • Preventive maintenance: Is the single most important aspect to maintaining the integrity of an operating microscope system. This is the service that sets Tikom apart from other service providers. Tikom's preventive services are performed with the utmost attention to detail, allowing for ease of use and optimum performance, backed by over two decades of optical/electronic/mechanical system repair experiences.
  • Phone Support: Biomedical & Operating Room Personnel benefit by free phone support
  • Used or obsolete equipment: Hard to find parts can be located utilizing Tikom's ability to network with various manufacturers and dealers.
  • Service Agreements: Tikom works within the Biomedical & Surgical Department's maintenance cycles to ensure on time completion of maintenance cycles required for all surgical microscope systems.
  • New Equipment: Tikom can assist with the procurement of new surgical microscope systems manufactured by leading manufacturers.