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Tikom is located in Central New York and regularly performs service on surgical microscope systems in the following states: New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania & Vermont. Upon request, service outside of these areas will be provided based on availability.

Tikom, a veteran owned company, was founded with the idea that a service organization excels only when the customer is truly content with the operation and function of the the system serviced. A lot goes into making this happen; rapid reporting of the issue at hand, prompt response by the service provider, quick on - site scheduling, correct diagnosis of the problem and competent repair in a timely manner at a reasonable cost. Miss any of these steps and the end user fails to realize satisfaction in the service rendered.

Tikom addresses each of these steps:

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Microscope Repair - About Our Services

  • A rapid response to any service request for microscope repair, usually within minutes of the initial call, site visits are scheduled with respect to the urgency and nature of the problem.
  • Correct diagnosis of the problem is possible utilizing over a quarter century of optical / electrical / mechanical experiences. Experience and training ranging from repair of U.S. Navy navigational equipment & submarine periscope systems to surgical microscope training in the U.S. & Europe on "State of the Art" surgical microscope systems. Tikom personnel have been trained by leading OEM manufacturer to service Dental, ENT, Ophthalmic & Neuro systems. 
  • Service rates for operating microscope repair are kept reasonable by the use of zone charges and other travel incentives not utilized by OEM providers. Additional long term savings can be procured by utilizing Tikom service agreements. Tikom service agreements are available for up to three years after an initial preventive maintenance has been performed.