Prompt, Skillful maintenance of Surgical Microscopes 
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1) Is electrical safety testing the same as preventive maintenance?

Electrical safety testing is not the same as a preventive maintenance. Electrical safety testing measures the amount of current leakage in an electrical system, whereas a preventive maintenance is a thorough examination of all aspects of the system. Surgical microscope systems should have at least one preventive maintenance per year by a qualified service technician. Microscope systems that experience frequent use should be examined semi annually.

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2) Who should attempt a microscope repair? Why?

A trained service technician. Servicing an operating microscope system requires an in-depth knowledge of the optical path, motorized functions & mechanical assemblies. Additional damage can & does occur when attempting to disassemble some optical & mechanical assemblies without proper procedures being observed. 

3) When should service be scheduled? 

Schedule service if the user is experiencing a lack of illumination or light is intermittent, user experiences eye strain when looking through the microscope, dissatisfaction with the performance of motorized functions or if it has been more than a year since the last preventive maintenance. 

4) What lenses should be cleaned? 

The external lenses of the eyepieces and the objective lens. Internal lenses should be cleaned by a trained microscope service technician.

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